When hiring an architect, you are not only hiring them for their design and documentation expertise, you should hire an architect who brings more to the table.

An architect willing to put their own reputation on the line by giving reliable referrals. An insider knows that a network of skilled people willing to collaborate for the best outcome makes the all the difference.

David is more than just an architect. When we hired David A. Schulz, Architects, Ltd. we received a robust package that not only included fabulous drawings but a full range of services.

David designed our custom home beyond our expectations while honoring our style and our budget. He eliminated elements that would not withstand the test of time, then redirected resources to incorporate features with a "wow'' factor which have longevity. I was impressed with his attention to detail throughout the design process but never more so than when it was time to bid. The overwhelming feedback from the trades people was how impressively detailed the drawings were which made the bids we received a truer reflection of actual costs. Our builder was thrilled to be working on a home without any surprises.

David can be as involved as you wish in your project. We chose to have him involved throughout the project; transitioning from the document stage to the building stage was seamless. After our drawings were delivered, he was on the job site during all critical aspects of the building process. Our builder greatly appreciated Dave's availability to address areas of interpretation.

We would never have achieved the high level of cohesive orchestration had it not been for tapping into Dave's steadfast network of artisans, craftsmen, and trades people who share common expectations regarding the extraordinary quality demanded in a David A. Schulz home. Additionally, his collaborative approach saved us money by helping us avoid many costly mistakes. He will not let you make a mistake.

Dave's sense of style and beauty, his fastidious command of details, and collaborative approach created a package that far exceeded our expectations of an architect. Very simply, we have a beautiful home thanks to him. Look at his work. The architecture speaks for itself.

Carol B, Wheaton

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