When hiring an architect, you should not only be hiring them for their design and documentation expertise, you should hire an architect who brings more to the table.

An architect willing to put their own reputation on the line by providing reliable referrals is a genuine asset.
An insider knows that a network of skilled people willing to collaborate for the best outcome makes the all the difference.

My relationships work.
Not only is the one-on-one client relationship of utmost importance, I have developed essential, mutual respect with the best specialized craftsmen (subtrades) and builders of integrity for more than 20 years. This is not typically an area a client thinks about, but in my business, I can assure you that it is critical for the success of your dreams. Through many construction consulting and administrative years of experience, your dreams will be realized, not compromised.

The skill of listening and being present at critical points of construction is a tool of my success.
I love the collaborative construction effort; it’s why I am in this industry. I cannot stay away – I have to see an idea come into built form - it continues to be the most satisfying aspect of my work.

Budgets are essential for any project.
(in my opinion budget defines the footprint of a residence which allows for better quality for both exteriors and interiors. People can see the difference between a quality custom home of a reasonable scale and a ‘big’ pretentious home with a feeling of emptiness. And no project goes without my careful observation with regard to budget.)

Never confuse design with detail.

Never confuse size with scale.

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