Experience makes a good architect a “difference-maker”. There are design divas and real, honest-to-goodness skilled architects who detail everything on the construction documents regardless of the scope of the project.

Architects who grasp the fine art of detailing are a dying breed.
As an architect, I love detail - detailing is a lost art; much like a highly skilled carpenter, mason, or high tech electrician is difficult to find. I have many years of good relationships with the best. Young architects seem to forget (or not know) that precise construction documents and mutual respect with a dependable network of skilled craftsman are essential to the successful outcome of every project, large or small.

A project doesn’t have to be large, it just has to be interesting and fulfilling.
Some of the most enjoyable times I’ve had have been working with private clients on architecturally significant yet small structures; smaller scale homes, summer kitchens with wood burning ovens, poolhouses, skate houses, organic chicken coups (yes – an architectural chicken coup to match the out-buildings on the grounds of a beautiful estate!).

The trick is to make it look like I was never there.
Additions and remodeling are especially challenging and fun because it is critical that they match the exterior to make it appear there was never anything done to the property after the original home was built.

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